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    Here is wh202011at Popular Science had to say about our  SumaGrow insideTechnology and Newest Forage product

".. microbes replace naturally occurring ones that are lost in over farmed soil, increasing productivity by locking Nitrogen in the soil and breaking down Organic waste into useful nutrients.  The treatment increases grass yield, by 20% over standard fertilizers. And because the microbes create Micro channels in the soil structure, water runoff decreases by about half, reducing water needs."

-Popular Science, December issue 2011 Grand Award Winner
for Newest Green Technology

SumaGreen Wins First Place
in Science Fair 2012 for seed germination and plant growth of Marigolds.  Over 125 participants in contest and SumaGreen Ag comes out on Top.  Seed germination was 8 for 8, fertilizer was 3 of 8 and the control was 1 of 8 seeds germinating.  SumaGreen Ag had faster growth of three seeds germinating 2 days faster then the first seed germination of Fertilizer.

Hear what clients have to say about 
Products grown with SumaGrow inside:

"One of my customers this year is the NC soybean growers association. I grew 500 lbs of edamame for them for an experimental project to try to get it the school systems as a snack food. I treated three rows with Sumagreen. I just received a comment from the procurement director "That was the best edamame I have ever seen grown in the USA. " This person lived in China for many years. His name is Smithson Mills..."

If you want to see what lead up to this quote read all of his emails to us. 
Most skeptical man we had try our product.  Letters
-C. S.,  Jake's Farm,  North Carolina

My name is Anthony and I live in Royal Oak, MI.   I have been using Sumagreen Turf on my 100%Kentucky Bluegrass sod I had installed at a rate of 4 oz per application for a few months now.My grass has been a deep green even in the shaded portion of my lawn since I started usingSumagreen Turf.My lawnjust looks overall much healthier and deeper green while using Sumagreen compared to when I wasn’t using it. It has become thick and lush with a dense deep green look that I have desired since installing my sod.
Thank you for such an awesome product

As a new organic lawn care company in Wake Forest, NC we researched and experimented with Sumagreen Turf as well as a few other bio soil enhancers and fertilizers during 2012, and we unequivocally chose Sumagreen as part of our comprehensive organic lawn care solution for 2013. It gives our clients' turf a dark green color and seems to keep the lawns greener when other lawns are showing signs of drought stress. We apply Sumagreen on all of our client's lawns throughout the growing season and are very happy with the results.

John K.  East Brunswick,  New Jersey on Fescue grass
Click on above link to read his emails

".... results are undeniable. We had bought a house that had an inground pool. The pool had been removed and the fill had sunk in around the center of the yard. We contracted a company to drop 18 truckloads of clean topsoil and level the back yard. It turns out that that finely sifted topsoil was crushed clay! The following spring we could not get grass started well in the yard even with meticulous care. We had gotten some grass to grow but it was really fighting to drop roots through the soil that you couldn't hammer a nail into. It was very patchy to say the least. We met reps from BioSoil (SumaGrow) at a PSE&G GreenFest (exact name of event escapes me). I have been following SumaGreen for years and now that I could purchase your product, I gave it a try. Within 3 weeks the results with SumaGreen Turf were noticeable by everyone. Now it is 5 weeks and the lawn is very green and healthy looking.  ..... We did plant seed again, but we did that last year in the spring and fall with barely any results. The fact that we have a lawn that looks above average is quite amazing considering that the alternative would have cost over $10k for new topsoil and sod (or topsoil and a lot of work trying to get seed to cover). I tell everyone about your product. It is less expensive than using standard fertilizer. You don't have to worry about burning your lawn. No special tools required. And the fact that there is no fertilizer to wash off and kill fish in our river, bay, and oceans. All positives and no negatives. Thanks for developing this product. We can do something good for the environment without compromising on performance nor paying through the nose!

"I truly am amazed at the product! Last night I had one hunter who hunted the field with Sumagrow and another who hunted the one [without] Sumagrow (pictures are in our "Pictures" section so you can see the difference). No deer in the one without, 20 in the field treated with Sumagrow. The fields are less than a ¼ mile from each other."
Grant Lynch, Chairman of the Talladega Superspeedway and President of the International Speedway Corporation  Talladega, Alabama

  Picked OVER 1,000 lbs in one day!  
“we’ve never had this kind of production before. It’s amazing the difference this product
makes. I picked a 25 lb box of tomatoes off one plant in one day!”

James and Pam Barr owner of Barr Farms, a family dairy, for over 30 years, Mississippi

"SumaGreen Turf made our Field (Football Field) look great as it helped the brown patches turn green and just in time for the playoffs.  We wish we would have used your product sooner"

-Police Athletic League, Grounds Keeper,  Egg Harbor Township, NJ

"Great news for your product (SumaGreen Ag)! We had marvelous results, but we didn't keep any  data and I can only give you anecdotal information. We mainly used it in our orchards on both newly planted and established trees. They exhibited an amazing amount of new growth. We also used it in our raised bed gardens, and boy, do I have a super abundance of peppers this year, with big healthy plants.  We do know that compared to other people's crops we looked at this year which had other biological supplements, the SumaGrow far exceeded their results."

--Billie,  Wild Hare Farm,  Indiana 

"This is the BEST tasting Grass Ever.  As they say the Grass is always GREENER on the SumaGreen side"
 ---  Two Cattle from Texas
(Do your cattle fight that hard to eat the good stuff?)

"Never, ever had Bermuda Grass do this well.... this is the best this field (High School Football Field in Salem, Illinois) has ever looked"  "Normally, I am very conservative and cautious but this product has shown  tremendous results and has saved my company a lot of money"
---D.B.., Professional landscaper and Agronomist (20 years),  Illinois
has product on 3,000 of his clients (Commercial and residential)

"We could see results within a few days after treating our existing plots.  The plots that we treated the soil before planting are up to 6 inches higher in growth then other plants.  Also with the lack of rain that we have had over the past few weeks until now, granular fertilizer would have burned our plots out"
Southern Backwoods Adventures,  Georgia

"My Grass never looked Greener.  I watched how fast the seeds turned into grass and then stay green the entire summer.  Then I  watched as my neighbors lawns burned up in mid-summer, with little to no rain, as mine stayed green thanks to SumaGreen."

-- S. S.,  Cape May,  New Jersey

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