All Natural, Healthy Soil, Longer Roots
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Look at what SumaGrow products did to these root systems!

      Soy Bean Roots                          Golf Island Green                                   Corn

 (Control   -      Treated)            24 inch to 30 inch long root system           Look at the Brace roots

SumaGrow treated fields thrive despite early frosts,
untreated fields are destroyed

This Fescue grass in Tennessee was treated by the "Turf Doctor". This lawn was 2 oz of SumaGreen Turf with 1/8 of a pound of fertilizer (more for the LCO's clients then our product so that they could see the greening up quicker).  The second treatment was only 1 oz of SumaGreen Turf 6 weeks later and this picture was taken 2 weeks before the next treatment

Look at the LUSH green HEALTHY look this lawn has!!!

The Award Winning Forage product with SumaGrow inside
Just click on this link (Talladega Speedway) to see pictures for yourself of the difference.
Pictures taken at the grounds surrounding Talladega Speedway.

Straight from Lowes in Indiana.   Broccoli and Romain Lettuce.  Look the Color and vibrant Lettuce and Broccoli in the after picture with just
 THREE DAYS after spraying on SumaGreen Ag

               Before right home from store                                  ONE DAY LATER

SUMAGREEN TURF in North Carolina
Look at this Tall Fescue grass (picture below) growing in North Carolina being treated by Crownover Green (Organic Lawn Care Company) in Wake Forest, North Carolina.  Here is what they had to say July 2013:

As a new organic lawn care company in Wake Forest, NC we researched and experimented with Sumagreen Turf as well as a few other bio soil enhancers and fertilizers during 2012, and we unequivocally chose Sumagreen as part of our comprehensive organic lawn care solution for 2013. It gives our clients' turf a dark green color and seems to keep the lawns greener when other lawns are showing signs of drought stress. We apply Sumagreen on all of our client's lawns throughout the growing season and are very happy with the results.

Regards, Rodney Crownover

They have made the switch and can not say enough good things of what it is doing for their business while it keeps growing each day with the use of SumaGreen Turf.  Now his clients have Kid and Pet friendly lawns.


Look at the Side by side Root Comparison and see plants
and grass grow better in drought type of conditions.

Anyone can show you pictures of big, good looking, crops and lush grass but to us it is what happens below the surface that is just as important so that your beautiful crops and grass survive during during the drought.  Now you can see what happens below the Surface imagine what is going on ABOVE the surface with Tomatoes, Cucumber, Grass, Corn, Blackberries, etc! 
Better tasting, Better roots, and Better for the Environment!

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