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Helping others

We proud to sponsor groups such as:

URB Sciences, Inc's COO Steven Elwell announced that they have donated codes for several organizations for VETS to receive discounts on URB Natural which is used to grow cannabis for Medical Marijuana.

If you have a worthy organization that is growing things to help others please contact us as we to are trying to make this world a better place.   With growing quality, healthy, better tasting crops we are here to help you cause and even look froward to hearing more about your group.

Mobile Loaves & Fishes

(512) 921-1632 - Texas
This group grows their food to supply food to the homeless along with foods donated to them from our organizations and people. SumaGreen is a Proud sponsor in helping them grow quality food that is going to help feed the world.
Sowing seeds of hope for Austin's homeless community!

Look how Green that garden looks!!  Think of all the Homeless they will be able to feed with all of this free food

Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey PAL Organization

Donated product to help their playing fields grow better by using less water.  This year they look to have proceeds go to the PAL Organization from every order placed with their code for 2012.

Garden Gang Alder Middle School,  Egg Harbor Township, NJ 

SumaGreen donated product to Mr. Jon Jones runs a volunteer after school club that teaches kids how to grow crops.  Garden Club are students that work as a team to complete hands on projects.  Some of the projects include planting trees, seeds and cleaning up outdoor flower beds.  All of the projects educate the students on the world around them while giving them a sense of accomplishment. 

Little League Baseball of Lower Township New Jersey

SumaGreen donated product for their new field renovations so that the kids could play this Fall of 2012.  We worked directly with Robert Lundholm to help them get fields ready to play this Fall.  All the best to the the Baseball team and look forward to hearing about their teams this year.

SumaGrow Inside was Popular Science's Grand Award
Winner for 2011   for Newest Green Technology

SumaGrow inside is the Award winning product that not only has been University tested with Real world results but it has been Mother Nature Approved!
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