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Popular Science's Grand Award Winner for 2011  
for Newest Green Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Will SumaGreen products help during Drought type of weather?
Time and time again we have seen root systems that are double to triple the size, on crops / grass, compared that to what fertilizers can do.  Want to see if you area is in danger of a drought go to:  The longer and stronger the root system the more water your crops / grass can reach.  Think of it as a glass of water if you fill a glass up with 4 ounces of water you can only drink 4 ounces but if you had to ability to fill it up with 12 ounces of water you could drink 12 ounces!  This is what the root systems can do if they are LONGER they can reach more water than fertilized root systems.

For Grass would I still need to use fertilizers?

You will NOT need any fertilizers when using SumaGreen Turf.  You should also be able to cut back on extra like Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides by 50 -90% due the Healthier Grass growth, Healthier Soil and longer root systems.

Does the product need to be Refrigerated? 

Is it okay if the product is applied directly on top of the seed when planting?  

How much water per acre should be used when applying the product?
Inoculate  a minimum of 1 gallon of 12% humate can be diluted with water as needed per acre.

Can the product be used to inoculate the seed for germination prior to planting?
Yes, however, keep the seeds immersed in the Bio Soil Enhancers only for 10 to 30 minutes.

Can the product be applied with herbicide and insecticides?
In most cases, yes. Herbicides such as Round-Up are okay, however you should avoid blending with fungicides as they are detrimental to many microbes.

Can it be applied with liquid fertilizer?

Will the product be less effective if left in the spray tank for several days before applying?
(This often happens in the event the farmer is caught in the rain or experiences equipment failure.)It is preferable to use the product the same day that it is mixed. However, the product should be fine for several days provided it is not subjected to freezing temperatures.

Does the product need to be agitated for a good microbial distribution before or during application?
Yes. The product should be mixed well prior to use.

Can it be used as a foliar spray?
Absolutely. The humic acid content is actually a combination of humic and fulvic acid. The fulvic acid molecule is very small compared to that of the humic acid. Its small, molecular structure enables it to transport the trace minerals and microbes directly into the plant system.

What temperature does the product need to be stored in when not used?
The cooler the temperature the better so long as it is not freezing.

Do I need to wear protective gear when mixing or applying the product?
The product is very user friendly, but it is always advisable to wear protective gear as many people have unpredictable allergies.

Will the product plug my spray nozzles?
NO.  However, a good agitation in the tank will keep any small particles suspended.

As my GPS maps my soil, what are minimum and maximum rates to be applied?
This is not a concern, as you cannot over apply the product. The Bio Soil products will improve the soil conditions regardless of the soil fertility.

How much should I reduce my fertilizer program the first year?
In general, about 50% of fertilizer should be reduced, but this naturally varies for different crops. Most farmers decide crop  by crop and we have farmers that have reduced fertilizer every year from 50 -100%.  In any Turf applications in first treatment of year you can reduce 90% and then never have the need for fertilizer usage again.  Refer to APPLICATIONS page)

Does it need to be applied every year when applying on the same crops?
Yes. Salts from over-fertilization, erosion, crop harvest, excessively low or high pH values, and low organic matter, affect the value of soil.  (Refer to APPLICATIONS page)

Can I reduce or discontinue using syrup and/or sugar when using this product?
Yes. You should discontinue the use of sugar and/or syrup as the humic acid acts as a complete carbon source for the microbes.

Can I reduce or discontinue the use of urea when using this product?
We believe that urea nitrogen should be reduced by 50% or more depending on the crop.

Which is the better source to use with these products: NH4 (Ammonia) or NO3 (Nitrate)?
Nitrogen is available to plants in either NH4 or NO3. Ammonia, NH4, has a positive charge and will adhere to the soil particles until the H ion peels off. The Hydrogen ion will negatively affect the pH in the soil rendering NH4 very unstable. NO3 is readily available for plant uptake, however, it is negatively charged and will move or leach with irrigation, rain, or heavy soil moisture. SumaGreen's products will help stabilize (hold in place) either NO3 or NH4. However, NH4 is more unstable as it often converts to Nitric Oxide (N2O) which is 310 times more lethal than CO2.

SumaGreen with SumaGrow inside is the Award winning product that not only has been University tested with Real world results but it has been Mother Nature Approved!

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