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2016 Kansas State largest Watermelon and Pumpkin in same year.  Winning Watermelon weighed 281.5 lbs which SumaGreen watermelon also placed 2nd and 3rd.  The Largest Pumpkin weighed in at 525 lbs 7th largest in state history.

2016 The "PITCH TANK" award winner in a competition in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Our SumaGrow technology finished first out of 860 companies in the contest competing for money to build a new factory in New Zealand.  Judges for the contest were Steve Forbes, Kevin Harrington (original Shark on "Shark tank" and John Mackey (Co-founder of Whole Foods)

2015 Google Moon Shot FINALIST
Our technology has made it to the final four of Google's "Moon Shot" technologies.  Our microbial technology was chosen, in part, for its ability to reduce the use of chemical fertilizer, increase the quality and quantity of foods, recover unusable land and protect water resources.

2014  INC 500 Magazine

Names our Manufacturing plant Fourth fastest growing manufacturing plant in the USA. 

2014 SumaGreen set record sales
SumaGreen has now been sold in over 40 states and has shipped product to12 different countries.  Sales have increased over 4000%  since 2012.  Looking to add product into other venues like South Africa, Turkey, and India in the near future.  

2013  INC 500 Magazine
INC 500 names our Manufacturing plant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi as the SECOND fastest growing manufacturing plant in the USA

2012  Science Fair Champion

A third grade student Kylie Elwell won First place with over 125 participants.

 The project was done against fertilizer 10x10x10 for plants since the project was on marigolds.  Kylie planted 8 seeds in each container with control (nothing but water), fertilizer and SumaGreen Ag.   SumaGreen Ag had 8 for 8 in seed germination,  Fertilizer was 3 for 8 (and 2 weeds) and control was 1 for 8.  SumaGreen Ag had faster growth of three seeds germinating 2 days faster then fertilizer. 

2012 SumaGrow ingredient beats out Monsanto in the Illinois Yield Challenge

  SumaGrow inside was awarded the WINNING Plaque at most recent Conference

 "The purpose of the Yield Challenge -- funded by the Illinois soybean checkoff -- is to provide a platform that encourages soybean growers to try new yield-enhancing practices and share the information learned through those innovations. By welcoming challenging conditions such as pests, government mandates, difficult weather patterns, yield-limiting soil types and more, participants can explore a wide variety of methods and products to realize higher yields and ultimately improve their bottomline profitability." (, March 27, 2012)

2011 Best New Green Technology by Popular Science

One of the most prestigious awards given to a product like this speaks for itself.  By reducing fertilizer inputs by 50-100% by farmers, Landscapers and Golf Courses we have helped reduce costs and at same time helped our environment by giving back healthy soil to mother nature and giving our children and grandchildren healthier foods to eat while letting them play on a fertilizer free mother earth.

2009  World Agricultural Conference in New Delhi, India 

From the three years of studies done at Michigan State on our SumaGrow inside ingredients lead to being invited to speak at the Conference and a write up in Popular Science.


*** All of the results were obtained with SumaGrow Inside products

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