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About Us

Our president Steve Elwell has promoted and help build SumaGreen by increasing the total sales by over 7000% since being named president in October 2009.  Steve graduated from West Chester University (PA) in 1994.  After his playing days at WCU and being named Co-Defensive Player of the Year with Lee Woodall (San Francisco 49ers -OLB) .  After being released by the Carolina Panthers (NFL) before the their inaugural season he pursued coaching college football while working on his masters at Kean University (NJ).   
Now married with 5 children Steve continues to help grow company standards by bringing in quality distributors throughout the USA and overseas.  Through very detailed board meetings every other Friday distributors are picked on an average of one very two months.  Only the best qualified distributors make the cut. Steve travels to promote the product to the distributors state (country) by bringing a scientist from the factory and holding a 4 hour seminar hitting the high notes of the products effectiveness.

Steven T. Elwell is now working closely with URB Sciences, Inc as their COO in growing the market with their new technology called URB NATURAL.

The company's goal is to be a household name by 2018.  Steve has been at the 
forefront by helping groups such as Mobile Loaves and Fishes, local school gardens for Science classes, local recreation fields and as always recommending to distributors to become more involved in their community by donating product to worthy groups to make our world a better place.

The Science behind our work

Click on these following links to see some of the Science behind our work.  These are summaries of has been done with the SumaGrow inside technology and what SumaGreen can do with our SumaGreen product line.

Science behind SumaGrow

Greenhouse Results

What research has shown about our products

Summary of Michigan State Greenhouse study


How we help Organic Production

Others are listed in the website so you can click on the link in the Results section.

SumaGreen is committed to enabling farmers to profitably feed the world in a sustainable manner.  With our  SumaGreen with SumaGrow inside products  we can be used on commercial farmssmall gardens, pastures, food plots, and anywhere else plants are grown.

SumaGreen currently has Distributors in several states and overseas.   We work with large and small companies and farms including those stay at home gardens.   We use the best ingredients
called SumaGrow which has been written up in several magazines including Popular Science twice in 2009 and 2011.  SumaGrow products has been called "The 8th Wonder of the World" by many farmers using our products.

 The agricultural industry is in need of technologies which will allow them to produce higher yields of high quality plants in a more environmentally sound manner without compromising the health of the crop or the soil.  Our patent-pending technology uses naturally-occurring soil microbes to create products that safely remediate pollutants while maintaining the natural balance of the Earth. Our products provide a safe and economical alternative to the use of harsh - and often dangerous - chemicals and fertilizers available on the market today.

Our LCO's (Lawn Care Operators) love the products since we can be co-applied with everything but Fungicides.  They can expand their treatments and not have to worry about fertilizer fines and getting certified in chemical applications for all their employees.  This helps them keep costs down for their clients.

Our SumaGrow inside technology just won another award and this time it was from Popular Science as their Grand Award Winner for our "SumaGrow inside" products as the Best New Green Technology for 2011.


currently has clients in the majority of the US states as well as a few countries from Organic Farms to small gardeners and organizations that sell fruits and veggies at local farmer's markets to large scale farmers and LCO's.


International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture

by SumaGreen
Looking to Improve our planet one Farmer and LCO at a time

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